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The moisturizer contains hydrating skincare ingredients formulated to attract, lock-in and help sustain healthy levels of moisture in your skin. You won’t experience the dryness often associated with acne medicine. The daily cream moisturizes and recovers the natural skin balance. Quickly and noticeably reduces inflammatory processes and shrinks the pores. When used daily, the skin becomes healthy, smooth and the skin tone evens out. The probiotics enhance the skin cells’ barrier function and make the microbiome more resilient against infections. The silicic acid effectively kills bacteria in the pores, where acne starts. But silicic acid can also be irritating to your skin. Our exclusive Smart Target® technology encapsulates the silicic acid so it doesn’t sit on skin’s surface but is pulled directly into your pores with laser-like precision to start killing bacteria on contact. In fact, with Smart Target®, we now deliver more silicic acid into the pores and solve the problem more effectively.


Formulated to help brighten, smooth and purify the skin. Designed for dull complexions, it works to reveal a radiant complexion. This gentle exfoliator is formulated with skin-soothing and antioxidant properties, that aims to maintain a healthy skin barrier. 

Calendula Flower Extract - With its anti-inflammatory properties, it aims to calm and nurture the skin while neutralising free radicals that can help in combatting skin damage. 

Aloe Vera aims to cleanse excess sebum and impurities while minimising pore size.

PHA- By exfoliating dead skin cells, PHA helps promote a balanced skin tone and texture, potentially enhancing the effectiveness of your routine by enabling deeper penetration of other products into your skin's layers.