How to select products in Personal box

How to select products in your Personal Box

The selection of products for your Personal box is activated after you have an active subscription.

You can start your subscription HERE

After you have an active subscription, you can follow these easy steps:


After log in with your user name and password or with FB, your active subscription will appear on home page.

Make sure that you are in the EUR version of the site, where your subscription is recorded.

You can also find it in your personal account, under the icon on the top right.

Open the subscription or directly the next box and click SELECT products.

Add the products that you like to your box.


With the help of the FILTERS you can select a specific brand or category.

At the bottom of the screen you can follow the bar for the available amount and the limit of your box.

After you reach the limit of the box, you can either confirm your selection with the button PACK IT or you can buy extra products for a bigger box.

The extra products have the same prices and discounts, like the products in the box. By selecting and buying extra products, you make your box bigger.

After you finish with the selection of extra products, click the button CONFIRM and PACK

If you wish to change some of the products in the box, you have to remove the extra products and than you can change the products in the box.

You can cancel the extra order, if you change your mind. This can be done before we have send the box to the warehouse for packing.

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