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Avant, your partner for a skin that radiate health!

"At Avant, we are committed to always being one step ahead. Just as chemicals can harm the skin, we work with the best scientists and pharmacists around the world to find delicate and rare ingredients to nourish, restore and reinforce the structure and function of your skin.

We are dedicated to researching the gifts of nature and utilising advanced scientific techniques to create the most nutrient-dense skincare products that will not only hydrate, but heal, calm, regenerate and bring out that radiant skin you were born with.

Our scientists and dermatologists unite natural ingredients and carefully selected science-based actives to create ground-breaking formulations that genuinely transform your skin. Each ingredient has been chosen for its health and beauty benefits. The experience is exceptional, the results are real."


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We believe beauty should be a source of confidence.

At Avant, we strive to improve the quality of people’s lives by sharing our expertise and committing to a more natural and holistic way of beauty. With such diverse skin conditions, we help women and men develop a positive relationship with the way they look and realise their full potential through a unique approach to skincare. A better understanding of the contribution of an active ingredient to the expected performance of a chosen product will foster a conscious choice that suits best one’s skin needs.

Art of formulating products

Avant combines wild-harvested and lab-based ingredients to craft the most effective and safest formulations possible. Avant redefines your beauty regime by providing you with natural and high-performance products to encourage a conscious choice for healthy skin. Each ingredient must work in synergy with others to find a home in our jars. Our laboratories closely look at concentration and dosage to address the needs of all skin types ranging from hypersensitive to mature.

Besides, ingredients and added actives to our formulations have been safety tested to respect skin conditions including irritation, sensitiveness, dryness, redness, ageing.


Proudly Certified by Cruelty-Free International

At Avant Skincare, we hate compromise. Avoiding certain ingredients and demanding outstanding formulas shouldn’t mean sacrificing credentials in other areas – and we know lots of you feel this way too. This is the reason why our entire assortment is NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS and is proudly certified by Cruelty-Free International. You will find a Leaping Bunny on the back of your favourite Avant products to illustrate this certification.

This accreditation guarantees that our formulas are both free from animal derivatives and that both our finished products and raw materials are and have never been tested on animals. While other skincare brands can claim to be ‘against animal testing’ without accreditation, this is no guarantee that their ingredient suppliers operate the same policy if they are outside Europe. One of hard and fast ways to be sure about a company’s no-animal-testing-policy is for them to carry the Leaping Bunny logo – so it’s one to look out for when shopping for skincare or makeup.


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