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The corrector is a double-action local acne treatment product – dries out and removes pimples and hides defects. Once your acne is under control, you’ll want to erase the evidence and restore your skin to its natural beauty.

Now, it has powerful skincare ingredients like probiotics to address other skin concerns associated with acne, like redness, shine, post-acne marks and uneven tone and texture. The probiotics attack harmful bacteria deep in the pores where acne begins to form.

The probiotic has strong antibacterial action and acts as natural antibiotic. The Peelmoist active ingredient helps to replenish moisture content. It helps to calm the skin and prevents scarring.


The brightening concealer scatters the light, brightens the skin, and makes wrinkles, imperfec-tions, or signs of fatigue disappear. It gives the impression of fresh and radiant skin.


A lightweight fluid concealer that offers medium to large coverage with a natural, comfortable matte finish. The formula is enriched with Raspberry Oil, which protects the skin from premature aging and pollution and with Date Extract which contains a mix of 7 components that act in synergy to combat the effects of age. Contains sun filters for a theoretical SPF 15.

Unique Qualities:
– Helps hide and correct the appearance of under-eye circles and discolorations.
– Liquid camouflage for the skin.
– Brightens and lightens dark areas, erases blemishes, evens out skin tones.
– Water resistant, fragrance-free and non-acnegenic. Velvety touch,
– Perfect coverage of imperfections, long-lasting effect.

– Makes the skin free of imperfections.
– Provides invisible, smooth and long-lasting coverage for all skin blemishes.

his lightweight, emollient-based concealer is so concentrated that a small amount can provide opaque coverage of skin blemishes and discolorations. It also contains Silica to help absorb skin oils. Vitamin E: has an antioxidant action and fights free radicals. Raspberry Oil Extract: protects the skin from premature aging and pollution. Date extract: Date container a mix of 7 anti-aging active ingredients that fights wrinkles and has a smoothing action.