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Brightening 100% natural face and body oil. Contains gentle vegetable oils and golden mineral particles. It strengthens the complexion, makes the skin shiny, hides minor flaws, absorbs quickly and does not leave greasy marks. It leaves the skin silky smooth, nourishing in depth. It can be used as a daily brightening body oil by applying a smaller amount as well as a thicker layer for radiant and glowing skin on the beach, a thin layer can be applied directly to the face as well as mixed with another facial product. Contains: Fractionated coconut oil, Almond oil, Calendula, Olive, Jojoba, Cocoa, Cetyl alcohol (a type of fatty alcohol widely used in cosmetics has the property of a thickener, a completely harmless ingredient), Vitamin E, Mineral mica, Fragrance


Organic oil for quick deep tan, hydrated and radiant skin every day. With monoi from Tahiti island and an exotic, floral scent of gardenia. MONOI Suntan & Body Oil is a 100% natural, organic product for a fast, smooth and saturated tan on the beach and in solarium. Hydrates, tightens and nourishes your skin daily. Contains monoi from Tahiti island in combination with pure, natural organic oils enriched with natural vitamin E. Suitable for delicate or sensitive skin. With an exotic, floral scent of gardenia, that gathered the Tahitian sun. NOTE: The oil does not contain a sunscreen UV filter. When exposed to direct sunlight, it is recommended to use in combination with a sunscreen product. The product is not a self-tanner. Excessive sun exposure poses a serious threat to health.


Organic oil for chocolate tan, hydrated and radiant skin every day USE: As a tanning oil: Apply on the skin of your face and body. Under the sun and on the beach, guarantees a long‐last tan and a hydrated, smooth and firm skin. Daily moisturizing and nourishing oil:Apply daily on clean and dry skin of the face and body. For an optimal effect, apply immediately after showering.


We present to you COCOSOLIS GLOW SHIMMER OIL –a glowing dry oil with shiny particles and organic natural ingredients. The specially created formula makes the skin radiant and gives it a luxurious feeling, lightness and shine, while the rich blend of organic oils and natural vitamin E hydrates and nourishes deeply. Makes the skin silky smooth and soft. Use year-round on the body and face. In the evening, during the day, after a shower or at the beach, apply to enhance your tan and the colour of your skin and to give it a shine. Benefits Gives a luxurious shine and radiance to the skin. Enhances your tan and skin colour. Hydrates and nourishes in depth. Makes the skin silky smooth and soft. Absorbs quickly – no greasy traces.


COCOSOLIS SKIN Stretch Mark Dry Oil is an entirely natural product, effective at combating stretch marks . With a gentle fragrance of mandarin and a light texture, the dry oil is quickly absorbed deep into the skin and is perfect for everyday use, even by the busiest women or future mothers. COCOSOLIS SKIN Stretch Mark Dry Oil is a mix of carefully selected ingredients: Organic, cold-pressed oils – light, gentle and nourishing. Unique, patented and completely natural active ingredient containing an extract from sweet white lupin seeds, stimulating the production of high-quality collagen for proven better skin elasticity. Special, completely natural ingredients with a light texture ensure the quick and easy absorption of the oils. Natural Vitamin E.


Organic dry body and face oil made from superfruits, with natural anti-ageing action. Mix of eight precious oils from exotic superfruits, developed as a dry body and face oil for everyday use. Natural, organic, cold-pressed oils such as precious goji berries, rejuvenating pomegranate, passion fruit and rosehips, and moisturizing coconut, cocoa, hemp and sesame. A unique special natural ingredient that results in quick and easy absorption of the product into the skin. Enriched with natural vitamin E. Natural anti-ageing effect, regenerates, moisturizes and revitalizes the skin. Keeps your skin smooth, young and tight, quickly and easily absorbed into the skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, intoxicating, unforgettable aroma of exotic fruits. Suitable for delicate or sensitive skin.


Take care of your body with this dry oil inspired by Mediterranean myths. The fresh fragrance of sea fennel evokes the warmth of the Mediterranean sun and, in combination with broccoli and argan oil, the skin is left soft. Luxurious, fast absorbed and non-greasy. Made without sulfates (SLES), dyes, silicones and preservatives. Suitable for all skin types.


24K GOLD BODY SHIMMER - the Body Glow oil is infused with 24K gold dust particles that shimmer in the sun or under the spotlight, illuminating your skin with luxury brilliance. Blurs pigmentation and stretch marks to perfect your skin, concealing imperfections on your body and legs. Without a sticky feeling. HIGHLY NOURISHING BODY MAKEUP OIL - hydrates and moisturises skin for a soft, velvety smooth feel. The shimmering oil helps deepen your natural skin tone and highlight existing and fake tans for a healthier-looking radiant skin glow. VEGAN FRIENDLY & CRUELTY FREE - our body glow oil formula is free from parabens, sulphates, silicon or other harmful ingredients. It does not contain animal-derived ingredients and our products are never tested on animals. Healthy skin glow and shine in daylight or under the spotlights at night.