Meet Our Content Manager
Cveta is a writer, freelance journalist and our super-excited-about-everything-fashion-and-beauty Content Manager. She is also English bulldog lover and heavy tea drinker. She loves reading books, travelling (her most favourite destination is Berlin), dogs with weird personalities and the sound of rain on the roof.
Meet our resident advice-giver, Ani
Our blogger, Ani Kodjabasheva, shares tips on not giving up, giving up when you need to, beauty, exercise, and finding your best self. (It’s a process.)
Nicoletta can't resist the monthly Pick N Dazzle box
She started timidly, with a 3-month subscription, at the beginning of the year, and ever since then she is inseparable with the fabulous red Pick N Dazzle box!
Our customer survey. A true love story.
It seems you love us back!
Our customers are sharing
Because it is really important for us how happy you are.
Our customers are sharing, Part 3
Recently, we've started our new initiative where we share our customers' experiences with the Pick N Dazzle service. So here's what Liliana, a Sales Manages from Romania, said to us.
How Gabriela curates our boxes and her own routine
This year, Gabriela Stan, Pick N Dazzle’s Development Director, noticed that she no longer needs to explain her job to people she meets. “I meet people for the first time, and we start talking.
How to choose a lipstick color that suits you
First, you should know a few basic rules about which colors work for your skin tone.
If you know Pick N Dazzle, you already know Ralitsa
Ralitsa creates the site’s design and content, and she maintains the Bulgarian social media channels. If you have chatted with Pick N Dazzle on Facebook or Instagram, you may have already met her.
I'm sharing some thoughts, honestly and wholeheartedly
Why Pick N Dazzle? Firstly because I was convinced by the high quality of the products...