5 DIY face masks for oily skin
5 DIY face masks for oily skin
Perhaps more than any other skin type, oily skin requires a great deal of care and attention, and only the best of natural astringents to battle its issues effectively.
The tremendous skincare benefits of honey
The tremendous skincare benefits of honey
From moisturizer to antiseptic, honey has a wide range of uses for your skin. Let us introduce them to you!
Organic moisturizer could be even more important for those with allergies than they think. More and more researches bring evidence against using synthetic skin care products with formaldehyde and quaternium-15.
Want Awesome Alternative to Unhealthy, Plastic-filled Lunches?
Plastic forks, paper plates, plastic cups. If you eat or work at an office, you’re probably tired of throwing out plastic after every lunch and eating things that not only sabotage your diet, but your health.
What’s That “Buzz” In Your Beauty Products? - Find Out
Bee pollen and royal jelly supplements have been hyped up a great deal over the years. Royal jelly, a thick, pastelike substance secreted by honeybees to feed and nurture queen bees...
Why Organic Products Can Be More Expensive—But Are Worth It
Just like organic produce in the grocery store, organic beauty products—from cleansers to makeup—always seem to have a higher price tag...
Yoga Pose That Destroys Cellulite: One Exercise That Comprises Thighs and Butt
Cellulite is actually a condition in which the skin has a lumpy and dimpled appearance due to underlying fat deposits that are located just below the skin’s surface.
You'll Never Guess Which Fruit Doubles as a Natural Deodorant
Now more than ever, people care about the ingredients in the products they use on their skin—and armpits are no exception.
The Foods That Help Protect You Against the Sun
According to Dr. Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas and various research certain foods when ingested and extracts applied topically could potentially provide you with nutrients...
The Magic of Essential Oils
Ready to use, natural essential oil cosmetics