Organic moisturizer could be even more important for those with allergies than they think. More and more researches bring evidence against using synthetic skin care products with formaldehyde and quaternium-15.

Preservatives [quaternium-15, imidazolidinyl urea and DMDM hydrantoin] commonly found in non-organic skin care are all harmful chemicals, capable of causing allergies. The skin can absorb some of these toxins - along with others, such as parabens - which may even make it into the bloodstream.

Now, a group of researchers at the University of Groningen Department of Dermatology has found that people with a contact formaldehyde allergy are often allergic to quaternium-15, and vice versa.


Those with sensitive skin or chemical allergies that are brought on by skincare products should try changing their routine. Rose oil is rich in antioxidants and complements the soothing, anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile. Begin with a cleansing massage, perhaps with Rose and Chamomile Cleansing Milk, before hydrating and then applying an antioxidant Face Firming Serum or Antioxidant Face Gel to facilitate the repair of damaged cells. An Antioxidant Face Gel can also be used at night, applied as an alternative to night cream.

Finish by applying moisturizer, perhaps with specialist Lip and Eye Cream for more sensitive areas.


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