Our customers are sharing, Part 3

My name is Liliana Comsa. I am living in Bucharest, yet I would like to live in New York.:) I was born in United States of America, I am 45 years old woman, mother of a 16 years old teenager. For more than 15 years I worked in a multinational company. Currently, I am Sales Manager of a Romanian company, I am writing a beauty blog and I am ready to become a makeup artist; I’ve just finished my education in the field of Makeup Artistry, prepared my portfolio and I am waiting for the final exam.

My first "date" with Pick N Dazzle ( because it was a blind date with a happy end) was on Jojo's blog. Reading a lot of blogs before starting my own, I came across this one and I won the Pick N Dazzle contest. This was the perfect gift, just in time for Christmas. 

At the beginning I was a bit sceptical, but my first Pick N Dazzle box started to convince me that this concept is actually very useful. I was also impressed by the customer service of the company (and trust me, I am a tough cookie as it comes to customer service, because I worked as an Operations Manager for 10 years and I was in charge of our Customer service department. 

I chose the Sleek Pick category and signed up for 6 months, because I wanted to be "on the safe side". However, I was absolutely amazed to discover that this beauty service simply works as I have never expected. This is the reason why my next order will be Premium Pick for 6 months!

My first box that I received as a gift was definitely the trigger as well as the fact that I am always open to the new concepts and ideas. To get delivered directly at my doorstep the beauty products I need, selected by a professional, is a one of a kind experience that I want to keep in my life. I also love the surprise — I am like a child, standing in front of the Christmas tree every month. Moreover, the products are really good and fit my needs.

I think that all the above proves that I am in love with the Pick N Dazzle service! I want to be part of this community for the future!


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