Meet Our Content Manager

Tell us more about your background? 

I have studied Psychology and I have MA in Clinical and Counselling Psychology. I know it sounds a bit scary at first; one may imagine craziness, antidepressants and that kind of stuff. Actually, I am interested in people, their thoughts, desires and what stands behind all this. During my studies I worked as a copywriter for several years to make ends meet. I really liked it and now I work as a freelance journalist and writer. 

What do you do at Pick N Dazzle? 

My day starts with article curation. I have thousands of beauty and fashion websites in my reader so I take my time and browse through all of the articles to find the most interesting and inspiring among them and to present them to our readers. My duty is also to try the products (did I mention I love my job?) and write reviews for them so our customers could know what to expect from every brand we sell. 

What do you like most about Pick N Dazzle?

I really like the fact that so many services are going digital in the recent years and it is all for our convenience. It is really nice to have a beauty expert who looks at your Beauty Profile regularly and then looks back at all beauty brands and their products to handpick the one and only hand cream for you, for example. And you don’t even pay for this, you pay solely for the products. 

What’s your favourite beauty product among all?

Personally, I prefer more natural looks — in other words, like you aren't wearing makeup at all, so my most used products are mascara and foundation. 

What kind of beauty are you according to our Beauty Profile? / What’s your most favourite style? 

This is a tough question and I prefer our beauty experts to define it. However, I think I am mostly Poet / Dreamy kind of girl. 

What's the one wardrobe essential you can't live without?

Definitely black cardigan, because it goes with everything; it is classic and casual at the same time. For me, it is like the little black dress. Another favourite are my Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers. It is the shoe I choose to do whatever I want in.

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