I'm sharing some thoughts, honestly and wholeheartedly

Dana is ending her second subscription, Premium Picks and her first year with monthly product deliveries from Pick N Dazzle. We are happy when we receive messages from our loyal customers, when they tell us their opinion, giving us tips and ideas.

Today we want to share what Dana has experienced in her journey in Pick N Dazzle world:

" I'm sharing some thoughts, honestly and wholeheartedly:

Why Pick N Dazzle?

Firstly because I was convinced by the high quality of the products... then because of the excitement experienced every month when I'm waiting for the beautiful red box to arrive and every time


I’m surprised how well the products fit me.

This month I’m waiting for the last beauty box… nooo, I’m not giving up the subscription… it's the last box from my second Premium Picks subscription... yes, I have 1 year with Pick N Dazzle! A year in which I felt spoiled ... obviously I will subscribe again and for sure I am looking to a new year with Pick N Dazzle!

Thank you for the products in box No. 5 from November... I couldn’t chosen them so good myself, they are perfect for my skin!

Thank you for everything!

Dana Lungu "

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