How to choose a lipstick color that suits you

Here on the blog, we have already discussed the issue of matte vs glossy lipstick. But how about choosing the right lipstick color?

Like the wrong shade of foundation, a lipstick that clashes with your skin tone can look strange and unflattering.

How do you find the colors that suit you in a sea of too many options?

First, you should know a few basic rules about which colors work for your skin tone.

Rule #1: Use cool shades on cool skin tones and warm shades on warm skin tones.

Your skin’s color is unique to you, but it likely has either a cool or a warm undertone.

People with cooler skin tones look good in cool shades of lipstick; similarly, people with warmer skin tones look good in warm lipsticks.

How can you tell which kind you are?

Try looking at the veins on the inside of your wrist. If they look blue, you have a cooler skin tone. If they look green, your skin tone is warm.

If it’s not clear and your veins are part blue, part green, you may have a neutral skin tone. In that case, both cool and warm shades of lipstick would look good on you.

Generally, your skin is cool if you are very pale. If you burn before you tan, then you have a cool skin tone.

People who tan easily and have a sun-kissed glow in the summer have a warm skin tone. So do women with darker skin.

If you have a warm skin tone, you can go for warm lipstick colors like browns and corals – you can choose those in your Pick N Dazzle beauty profile.

Cooler skin tones usually look good in pink and plum shades. If this is you, you can go ahead and put three stars under those colors in your beauty profile.

If you are closer to neutral, you can choose a wider variety of shades.

Rule #2: Nudes and true reds suit both warm and cool skin tones.

There are some shades of lipstick that suit both cool and warm skin undertones.

Red is universally flattering – that’s why red lipstick is a classic.

Just make sure you are going for a true red, not a shade that approaches orange (warm) or pink or purple (cool).

Nudes are usually designed to look good on a variety of skin tones, so they are also a safe bet.

If you like red and nude lipsticks, feel free to give those three stars in your beauty profile.

Rule #3: Be careful with very light shades on darker skin and very dark shades on light skin.

In addition to temperature (cool/warm), lipstick colors also vary in brightness: they can be pale or dark.

As a general rule, people with darker skin should be careful with very light lipsticks. If you have brown, olive, or bronzed skin, avoid the palest shades of any color.

On the other hand, women with pale, porcelain skin should be aware that very dark lipstick colors, like a deep red or purple, would look especially intense on them. They are best saved for dramatic evening makeup.

Rules are for breaking and you can decide what suits you best. We have given you some guidelines but, to find your lipstick, you have to simply try.

Rule #4: Try until you fall in love.

Remember that the way a color looks on your lips is not the same as it appears on a screen.

Even if you are trying on lipsticks in a physical store, the artificial light may distort what you see. Often you may not really now if a lipstick suits you until you bring it back home with you.

Pick N Dazzle allows you to try a range of shades at home and to rate them until you find a favorite.

That way, you can test a new lipstick in real-life conditions, in your own mirror, without having to rush. You can experiment until you find your best look.

Have you been afraid of trying new, bold lipstick colors?

Now that you know what your skin tone is, you can choose your preferred shades in your personal beauty profile, and we can find great lipstick for you.

For more tips on filling out your beauty profile, you can check out our article on determining your skin type.

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