How Gabriela curates our boxes and her own routine

This year, Gabriela Stan, Pick N Dazzle’s Development Director, noticed that she no longer needs to explain her job to people she meets.

“I meet people for the first time, and we start talking. I tell them what I do, and they say, ah, I have a friend who orders from you and she is very excited about the products and the concept.”

Gabriela has been with Pick N Dazzle from the beginning – she was the first person to join Pavlina five years ago. At first, Gabriela worked on everything, from processing orders to translating articles in Romanian and engaging the community on social media.

Now her hard work is paying off: “Even on the street [in Bucharest], I’m starting to meet people who have heard about Pick N Dazzle. That is amazing.”

Gabriela remembers the day five years ago when Pick N Dazzle opened for business and the first orders arrived. “It was very exciting to see the project come alive. It was like a confirmation of our work till then.”

In October 2014, the first few orders felt like a success, but Gabriela and the company have come a long way since then. Now Pick N Dazzle is an international brand with thousands of customers.

Gabriela is in charge of stock – all products for Romania, Bulgaria, and Hungary. She follows thousands of items from the maker to warehouse, then the website. She sees the company grow each year.

Most importantly, Gabriela works directly with Pick N Dazzle’s subscribers.

She curates the monthly boxes for Romania. The site’s algorithm helps, but it is Gabi that decides what goes into each box for each customer.

That is why hearing positive feedback means so much to her. “I get emails or Facebook messages from people that just received their products and are very, very happy – and I know that I’m the one who chose the products for them. It’s like a recognition.”

Gabriela is a busy woman – she starts working before 8 a.m. to make sure all orders scheduled for the day are sent out before noon. But she also prioritizes her health and beauty. Gabi has a morning and evening skincare routine – cleansing and moisturizing, plus serum in the evening. “Skincare is beauty for me,” she says.

Gabi is an example to all of us in that she also wears SPF each day, regardless of the season (check out our article on autumn beauty routines to see why wearing SPF is important year-round).

“I enjoy feeling healthy, with good moisturizer and also using sun protection. I feel like, okay, I’m doing the right thing,” Gabi says. To keep her hair in good condition, she uses Mades products from Pick N Dazzle.

Another way Gabi sets a good example: she is “very strict” about exercising. She starts work early, if needed, but she makes sure she is done by 6 p.m. so she can go to the gym every evening.

That way, the next morning she is rested, energized, and ready to send out another round of Pick N Dazzle boxes.

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