Detox Wrap has been designed to revitalize the scalp and damaged hair. In only 15 minutes it improves the elasticity of hair, providing shine, volume and strength. Its formula is free of harsh ingredients and rich in collagen, hyaluronic acid and keratin. The beautifying properties of avocado oil, jojoba, macadamia nut, almond, and honey extract nourish hair, leaving it silky and moisturized with a prolonged effect. 

• Revitalizes hair in 15 minutes 
• Promotes stronger and rejuvenated hair 
• A more nourished and healthy, silky and hydrated hair 
• Prolonged effect 
• Thermal wrap for a more effective treatment 
• No parabens and no sulphates 

About the brand


The Cosmetic Republic was born in Barcelona, Spain, in 2008.

The goal of the company is to provide unique top-notch hair care products combining the best active principles with the latest R&D discoveries. The company passion for a healthy looking hair made it into the #1 in healthy hair in 5 continents.


The best way to healthier hear is to go natural in regrads to formulations and to avoid chemicals processing.

The Cosmetic Republic has developed a paraben & sulphate free product line respecting scalp’s natural balance, selecting the best raw materials and studying their potential to extract the maximum benefits from them.

The company’s patented exclusive formulas go through a cold-pressed production process, which makes them more effective. They are also enriched with essential vitamins to obtain a healthier and stronger hair.

why we are loving it

Good lookig and healthy hair is a major concern and interest for our customers. We are happy to offer them the DETOX WRAP. An innovative and high quality product for well maintained and shiny hair in just 15 minutes. Innovative and pleasant experience at home.


Pick N Dazzle Team


Customer Reviews


"My hair becomes very soft and shiny. I would love to buy this product again.", Diana

"Fantastic product!",  Katya

"Waw! Incredible, my hair is so lively immediately, it becomes soft and shiny. Strongly recommend! ",  Sonya Serafimova

"The mask is unique! Deeply hydrating, makes my hair exceptionally live and shiny! I have troubled hair, however this mask made miracles. My hair now is soft, smooth and healthy, and the effect is long lasting! ", Nikol

"Great mask! After applayng the hair is incredible soft and stays that way even after couple of times of washing. That was my favorite product in the box!", Gergana

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