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We can’t clean our faces, apply makeup, or perform any other beauty ritual without our trusted beauty tools.

That is why we at Pick N Dazzle are offering you high-quality beauty tools in addition to the products in your personal beauty box. They are practical and fun to use, too.

We have specifically selected each tool and branded it with the Pick N Dazzle logo as a guarantee of its efficacy and quality.

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It is Pick N Dazzle’s mission to find and recommend the products best suited to each of our customers’ interests, preferences, and needs. The accessories we have selected for you are of the same high quality as all our beauty products. 

With the MAKEUP SPONGE, applying foundation is a pleasure, and the result is like professional makeup.


Pick N Dazzle team

We are happy to offer you a great variety of products and accessories for your everyday beauty routine. You will fall in love with them, just like we did! The HEADBAND is useful not only while you are doing your makeup or cleaning your face. It is a great accessory to have at home − it keeps your hair in place no matter what.


Pick N Dazzle team



A practical cosmetics bag with an innovative design, plus an additional wallet.

For your beauty products, makeup, or other belongings.

It holds all your products while remaining compact!

Convenient for everyday use, or for your trips and vacations.

It’s ideal for the products from your PICK N DAZZLE box!

You’ve never had such a handy bag for everything you need.

Your choice of turquoise or red!



A cute and modern headband you can use during your daily beauty ritual. 

It’s helpful when you’re applying products, or taking a shower. 

The headband keeps your hair up while you are cleansing or toning your skin, doing your makeup, or using a face mask.



All-natural cocoons woven by silkworms. Made of 100% silk without any additives.

They cleanse and exfoliate, removing impurities, makeup, and dead skin cells. Use them to reveal baby-soft skin!

Soak the cocoons in warm water for 3 minutes. Once soft, insert your finger into the opening and place them over the fingertip. (If the opening is too small, you can make a small cut to widen it.) Massage the skin by moving your fingers in circles.

Any impurities on the cocoons are harmless and occur naturally in the production process. Simply rinse them off with warm water.



This silicone brush cleanses, exfoliates, and massages all in one! The fine texture gently and deeply purifies the pores. 

The soft, dense silicone bristles on the top remove any residual makeup or sebum without irritating the skin. The thicker bristles on the bottom gently massage the face. It’s both a foaming sponge and a cleansing brush!

To use, squeeze some of your cleansing gel or foam into the opening on the bottom and work up a lather by rubbing the brush with your hands. Use the top part, with the finer bristles, to remove makeup and sebum. Use the bottom part to massage your face. 

With this tool, you can turn washing your face into a whole new self-care ritual.



A sponge for applying foundation or makeup. It ensures the precise application of concealer, blush, eyeshadow, or highlighter. 

With it, doing your makeup is easy, and it looks like it was done by a pro!

The sponge’s texture does not absorb any product, but transfers it all onto your face. 

Use the round side on the cheeks, brow, and chin, and the flat side for the contours around the eyes and nose. 

Wet the sponge before аpplying foundation. If dry, foundation can enter inside the pores and may look unnatural. Apply product by gently patting the sponge onto your skin. 

Afterwards, rinse the sponge with water until clean. The sponge should be replaced every 3 months.

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