The world’s first personalized skincare applicator

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The world’s first personalized skincare applicator. Maximize the effect of your favorite skincare products. BOOST does not replace your skincare routine: it is a smart device that works with your favorite cream or serum to make it more effective. BOOST scans the barcode of your skincare product to identify its active ingredients; it then uses technology to push the right actives into your skin at the right depth for you, to maximize their results. Aided by LED light therapy and alternating vibrations, BOOST provides a personalized treatment for you and your skin, based on your skin type, specific skin conditions, type of product you are using, and the climate you live in. All this – in just 30 seconds.

HOW TO USE: 1. Charge your device with the cable in the package. Once the device is charged, the led light is green 2. Regimes: Yellow light targets dull skin; Red light targets fine lines and wrinkles; Green light targets uneven skin tone; Blue light targets acne TO PERSONALISE: 1. Download the BOOST app for free on the App Store or Google Play. 2. Complete your personal skin profile and connect BOOST. 3. Scan the barcode of your favorite product and let BOOST identify the ingredients. 4. Starting with clean, dry skin, apply the skincare product as you usually do. 5. Move BOOST over your target area: it will push the right ingredients to the right depth. Turn the device off and wipe it clean with damp cloth.

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Anca Kercsó

Location: Bulgaria

Skin tone Medium

Personality type Poet. Dreamy


Elisabeta Istrate

Location: Romania

Skin tone Tan

Personality type Poet. Dreamy


The first one that I’ve ordered, didn’t work, so they send me another one, that as the first one is not working.