Size 110 ml


Effective at combating stretch marks



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COCOSOLIS SKIN Stretch Mark Dry Oil is an entirely natural product, effective at combating stretch marks . With a gentle fragrance of mandarin and a light texture, the dry oil is quickly absorbed deep into the skin and is perfect for everyday use, even by the busiest women or future mothers. COCOSOLIS SKIN Stretch Mark Dry Oil is a mix of carefully selected ingredients: Organic, cold-pressed oils – light, gentle and nourishing. Unique, patented and completely natural active ingredient containing an extract from sweet white lupin seeds, stimulating the production of high-quality collagen for proven better skin elasticity. Special, completely natural ingredients with a light texture ensure the quick and easy absorption of the oils. Natural Vitamin E.

Apply to dry or moist skin. For best results, apply in the morning and evening to the desired area or the whole body. Used immediately after a shower on still moist or wet skin, it is quickly absorbed and leaves no oily traces. Important: Despite the entirely natural ingredients used in this product, we recommend an individual skin compatibility test on a small area of the body 24 hours before use. Storage: Store in a cool, dry place. Do not refrigerate.

Most buyed product categories - Body Creams / Skin Type - Dry / Beauty issues - Stretch marks

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