Exfoliate, massage and cleansing

What it is:


Why it is special:

For cleansing, exfoliating and massage! This silicon brush gently and deeply cleanse pores with a fine, thick textured lather. The upper side - soft and dense silicone bristles clean out remaining makeup and sebum without irritating the skin. The bottom side - thick silicone bristles for gently massage your face. Foaming sponge and cleansing brush in one! Maintaining the brush is very simple, it dries fast, just separate the brush and the sponge inside after each use, rinse with water and let it dry. Enjoy your cleansing time!

Wet the silicon brush, squeeze your cleansing foam into the hole at the bottom and work up a lather by rubbing it with your hands. Use the fine silicon bristles to cleanse the face working in a circle, from inside outwards. For massage, use the other side. Caution: Do not use the product on scars or any area of skin irritation such as dermatitis and eczema.

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Nadya Ivanova

Location: Denmark

Skin tone Tan

Personality type Poet. Dreamy


Evelin marinova

Location: Bulgaria

Skin tone Medium

Personality type Poet. Dreamy