Size 10 ml


Gold foil, Wrinkle, Brightening

What it is:


Why it is special:

Who’s ready to try the world’s first “Breathing Foil Mask?!” Nicknamed the “breathing mask”, this foil sheet has 360,000 micro holes to allow better absorption and moisture penetration deep into the skin. Other foil masks tend to be a single sheet without any air holes which can actually block absorption of the essence due to the sheet mask becoming too damp and not having any circulation. In addition, this foil mask has a length of 27cm to help cover every little crevice of the face rather than stopping midway to the hairline and chin. The essence itself contains lecithin which is a cell regenerating substance that is often used to accelerate wound closure after a surgery. Overall effects include improving spots and freckles, blemish care, wrinkle care, calming troubled skin, natural exfoliation of dead skin cells, and working to tone up and brighten the skin. Note: this mask was made to be longer and wider than most sheet masks in order to help cover faces of all shapes and sizes.

1. Open the pouch and gently take the outer/inner foil mask sheet 2. Place the inner foil mask sheet fit to your face 3. Place the outer foil mask sheet fit to your face 4. Detach the sheets after 20 mins and pat the remained essence gently over to face for effective absorption

Skin Type - Normal / Skin Type - Dry / Skin Type - Combination / Most buyed product categories - Treatment

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