Size 110 ml


Luxurious shine and radiance to the skin

What it is:


Why it is special:

We present to you COCOSOLIS GLOW SHIMMER OIL –a glowing dry oil with shiny particles and organic natural ingredients. The specially created formula makes the skin radiant and gives it a luxurious feeling, lightness and shine, while the rich blend of organic oils and natural vitamin E hydrates and nourishes deeply. Makes the skin silky smooth and soft. Use year-round on the body and face. In the evening, during the day, after a shower or at the beach, apply to enhance your tan and the colour of your skin and to give it a shine. Benefits Gives a luxurious shine and radiance to the skin. Enhances your tan and skin colour. Hydrates and nourishes in depth. Makes the skin silky smooth and soft. Absorbs quickly – no greasy traces.

1. To make your skin radiant, smooth and shiny, mix in your hand a little GLOW SHIMMER OIL with lotion or body oil. Apply to your legs, hands and décolleté. Finish with a little pure GLOW SHIMMER OIL as an emphasis on your cheekbones, shoulders and décolleté. 2. Oh yes, GLOW SHIMMER OIL is also suitable for your face! Use every day to add a shine to your neckline and face. Apply as an accent after makeup or mix it with a few drops of foundation. …Or just use it daily after a shower on wet or dry skin as a nourishing body oil. 3. Use GLOW SHIMMER OIL at the beach to enhance your suntan and make your skin shine. First, apply COCOSOLIS Sun & Body Oil, then emphasize the beauty of your skin with GLOW SHIMMER OIL. Apply to your legs, hands, abdomen, décolleté and cheekbones.

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