D&G LIGHT BLUE, 8 ml 130 sprays

Size 8 ml, 130 sprays


What it is:

D&G LIGHT BLUE, 8 ml 130 sprays

Why it is special:

Light Blue is an aroma anchored in flower notes and fruity aromas, perfect for women looking to freshen their scent and arouse the apple of their eye . The fragrance starts with a tinge of green apple, supported by Sicily cedar notes and hints of bluebell. Those enjoying this fragrance are treated to more depth than the initial bouquet with middle tones of jasmine and bamboo. This treat for the nose is finished with amber and musk to round out the delicate yet powerful aroma into something simply wonderful to experience.

Spray couple of times per day

Most buyed product categories - Fragrances / Type of scent - Fresh / Type of scent - Fruity / Type of scent - Citrus

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Вера Даскалова

Location: Bulgaria

Skin tone Light


Свеж и лек аромат

Gabriela Mladenova

Location: Bulgaria

Skin tone Medium

Personality type Poet. Dreamy


Много свеж, нежен, лек, летен и небрежен аромат! Чудесен...