BEOUCHERON QUATRE EDP, 8 ml 130 sprays

Size 8 ml, 130 sprays


What it is:

BEOUCHERON QUATRE EDP, 8 ml 130 sprays

Why it is special:

Exude confidence with every spritz of this Boucheron Quatre Pour Homme eau de parfum spray for women, a 2015 release from the house of Boucheron. This elegant scent features a definitive feminine composition to infuse your day with powerful notes that lift your mood and make a big impression. On top, lemon collides with lime for a citrus explosion that energizes and revitalizes your spirit, while a heart of rose and Sambac jasmine yields a heady touch. A base of musk finishes the medley for a sultry dry down.

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9.8.2018 г.

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