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Tired of dealing with low quality products that just don’t work right? Lost in the maze of products and sick of wasting time trying to decipher labels and ingredients? Are you battling a beauty issue…but don’t even know where to start? Excited to try something new for your image?

We’ve got the solution!

Pick N Dazzle is a team of beauty experts, dedicated to finding the best products for you.

Here’s how we work:

  • You create your Beauty Profile and go to our shop.

  • Choose between Sleek - Essential; Dazzling - Glossy, and Premium Picks.

  • Our experts will choose the most appropriate products to suit your profile, desires and needs. Or you can choose the products in your box with the help of our technology for matching products to your Beauty Profile. In this way you save time and money (up to -75% every month) and it is guaranteed that the products are suitable.

  • You receive personally selected full sized products at your door with fast delivery. Dazzling and Premium Box with free courier delivery.

We offer a unique way of shopping for a perfect product selection for every customer individually with the help of experts, a little bit of technology and the pleasure of a small surprise every month!

Visit Your Personal Shop!

You can create your own personal box! After choosing a subscription (for 1, 3 or 6 months) visit your personal on-line store. With our technology for finding the best matches and recommended products, you'll find the right products for you quickly and easily.

With a 6 month Beauty Program we offer up to -75% of RRP and free gifts - this is our best offer. 

Every month you have time to look at all the products and choose the most needed, desired or appropriate for the next box. This is done through the personal account -> current plans -> in the corresponding month -> edit box.

We deliver your individually selected products every month, you rate them, so we know which products you love, that way we can offer you more exciting new picks for your next box. 

All the products are full size and we add free samples so you get to try something new. 

You have the opportunity to try new brands and products or to use well-known and familiar brands. Or both!

For each category of box, you can choose minimum 5 - 6 cosmetic products (full size, no samples sizes) with fast delivery or buy extra products and a larger box, taking advantage of the discount for the period. 

6 months = up to -75% discount

3 months = up to -65% discount

1 month = up to -55% discount

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Your data is confidential. We won’t share with anyone your Beauty Profile details. We just want to get to know you and fully understand  your beauty needs , so we can offer you the best products. We want to treat you right so we offer:

  • No payment upfront 
  • You can cancel your service at any time
  • Products at up to  -75% OFF RRP

Get your first Beauty Picks now and step up your beauty game with a new and exciting journey with Pick N Dazzle.



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