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So Simple Cosmetics is a brand created by a mother in her attempts to find the best and gentle skin care for her baby. Seeing the instant result and the improved appearance of the skin, she began to study herbs and natural recipes, creating different formulas and managed to help her loved ones solve a number of skin problems!

A few years later, the brand So Simple Cosmetics appeared, which was inspired by the power of nature and care for the family!

The products contain specially selected herbs, vegetable, essential oils, waxes, floral waters, etc. Active components that immediately hydrate and deeply nourish the skin, providing it with gentle natural care.

Selected Products


Cooling after sun oil, contains natural ingredients that intensively hydrate and soothe the skin. It softens and supports the hydrobalance, contributing to a beautiful, long-lasting tan.

Contains organic Jojoba Oil, Menthol, Calendula Herbal Extract, Chamomile Herbal Extract, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Beeswax, Olive, Vitamin E.

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Be confident, without skin problems!

Nature offers us its incredible variety of herbs and oils that work effectively and harmlessly. The natural pharmacy is becoming more and more familiar and valued because more and more people are convinced of its beneficial effects. The So Simple cosmetic line presents different and unique products composed exclusively of pure natural ingredients combined in powerful formulas.

The pure extracts of herbs, vegetable oils, essential oils, etc., that we use in the products are extremely helpful for the skin - they soak into it deeply and nourish it, it recovers and regenerates, and at the same time its protective forces are strengthened.

Be confident, without skin problems!

So Simple products are formulated to focus on the areas of skin that can most often affect our self-esteem - the places where wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, cellulite, rough skin and more appear. The various combinations of effective ingredients stimulate collagen synthesis and improve the general vascular condition of the skin, literally nourishing the skin.


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We, at Pick N Dazzle, love to support new brands with a clear vision for the quality and results of their products. We also believe that healthy skin is beautiful skin! It is soft, supple and fresh. Give your skin natural beauty! Be beautiful with the gentle power of nature!

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