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About the brand

Miss Cop is a playful and appealing budget brand for teens and young women which offers fun, trendy, innovative, qualitative makeup products at an everyday price. 

Miss Cop is the cool, trendy, fun brand for make-up beginners and experimenters.

Miss Cop is a key partner in young girls’ everyday lives to help them build their makeup with playful and colorful products.

Its quirky and fun packaging designs make Miss Cop an unexpected and unique looking brand for all girls who want to be unique like all of their friends. The Miss Cop collection at Pick N Dazzle includes foundations, powders, products for contouring, correcting and noturing, lip glosses, and make up palettes.

In a nutshell, Miss Cop is everything your make-up bag needs.

The brand offers a fantastic range of products, with colourful shade palettes. 


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From Pick N Dazzle Team

Up until now, I thought of Miss Cop is a teenage brand, because the range is pretty youthful. However, I decided to give it a try, because I believe we should never judge a product by its target audience, right? I tried the blush pallet and I think it’s lovely! It does give me that little bit of a healthy glow that I know I need. It also makes my skin look and feel softer and gives off a bit of a dewy finish, but not so much that I look overly greasy.

It also seems to do well with my dry skin, which I am absolutely loving. 

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