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ECOOKING  - Organic & Natural  Danish Skin Care

Launched in 2015, Ecooking is natural, organic everyday luxury for your skin. Developed with a strong focus on the ingredients and the effect they have.

It’s developed and produced by an experienced Danish skin care manufacturer and entrepreneur who initially produced and bottled all products by hand at her little factory.
Ecooking products are developed as a series of products to solve certain problems with the skin. Our approach has been to troubleshoot any specific skin challenge. Step by step, we havde formulated and developed products to meet any need, and now our range is wide enough to tackle any particular skin care difficulty.
Ecooking is for everyone - regardless of skin type, gender or age. We have products for every skin type or challenge – fine lines, wrinkles, acne or redness. Our philosophy is that everyone deserves that sense of well-being that healthy and well-nourished skin gives.

We use only the best ingredients, each of which is selected according to the desired effect they have on the skin. And yet, we can maintain a price that makes them available to all, because we believe in everyday affordable luxury skin care. 
Our products are produced with thought for you and the environment. You can recycle our packaging. Our packing fill is made of corn and is, therefore, easily recycled with water. 

Finally, all our products are produced in Denmark, which guarantees high quality.

Selected Products


The names of our products are straight forward

Everyone deserves to experience the feeling of well being produced by healthy and well-cared-for skin. As many people as possible deserve access to good and nourishing skin care products.

That is what I believe in. The products are therefore affordably priced. Some of the products can be used by the entire family, and some are so pure that they are actually edible.

The names of our products are straight forward, no long, wordy names! A day cream is called – a day cream, because we believe in honesty and transparency, which is why all our labels show precisely what the products contain.

Therefore, they are easy to grasp, easy to use and so efficient you get rid of the worries about your skin and just enjoy the beauty of life. Basically — we help people to a healthy and beautiful skin without too much nonsense.


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We, at Pick N Dazzle, are very proud to give our customers the opportunity to try exclusive and premium brands! Products are made with thought for you and the environment, even the  packaging can be easily recycled with water. We love brands, which products really work! 

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