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Bottega - Linfa Age

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LINFA AGE is a product line of Bottega di Lungavita. The Linfa-Age® line uses the power of natural phytoterapic elements and the scientific progress to gain specific actives to hydrate, clean, purify and protect selectively and efficiently day by day. There is a perfect Linfa-Age® product for everybody.

The company was born in the heart of the Italian Alps, in the town of San Pelle-grino Terme. Bottega di Lungavita, a modern expression of the ‘Made in Italy’ philosophy, creates remedies for everyday wellness by cleverly combining age-old traditions with sci-entific innovation. The Italian lifestyle is a philosophy that places physical and mental health at the centre, providing the company with efficient recipes that have been proven with time.

The preparation techniques for Bottega di Lungavita products meet the highest international production standards. Strict physical, chemical and microbiological testing and the use of excellent quality raw materials enable the production of highly qualified natural dietary supplements and cos-metic products, while respecting the environment and the surrounding area.

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For oily, heavy hair, it also provides relief to the scalp due to its toning, soothing and refreshing properties. ACTIONS: it regulates the sebaceous secretions of the scalp, reduces the hair’s oiliness, cleanses deep down without irritating and stimulating the sebaceous glands, and exerts a bacteriostatic, antipruritic and antimycotic action.

 "For very oily hair. Works from the first wash. I'm surprised."
"Great shampoo! Results after the first wash! I highly recommend it to everyone who has a problem with oily hair"

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