About the brand


VIVIAN GRAY offers a wide range of body care products that combines high value packaging with innovative design. Delicate fragrances, formulations designed for sensitive skin are also the reasons for their success. Each product is created with an enthusiasm for perfection and quality. Vivian Gray is now distributed in more than 40 countries worldwide. 

Excellent body care products with gentle leave-on formulas that are designed to make skin softer and healthier without needless irritants or fragrant oils. Pamper yourself with high quality bath and body products from Vivian Gray. 



Healthy skin starts with a commitment to a regular skin care regimen, using high quality products every day. While we often think of the face first when it comes to caring for the skin, the skin on the body also needs attention. From everyday moisturisers to refreshing shower gels and creamy body washes, Vivian Gray has a range of shower, bath and body products that'll leave your skin looking and feeling beautifully soft and radiant. This gorgeous brand specializes in providing only the best products that care for skin from head to toe. Get a beauty care combined with the a jewellery for your home design.

The different product lines of this brand are available in our Dazzling and Premium Picks. 


why we are loving it

There are a lot of things I look for in a brand. I like products that give a classic timeless look, but I also like new and innovative ones. Here is what else do I look for: 

  • High quality and uniqueness; 
  • Designer packaging; 
  • Products that simply work and make all the difference. 

Vivian Gray has all of the above and much more! 


Pick N Dazzle Team

This is by far one of the best lotions I have ever used. My skin is really sensitive and this didn't irritated it like some of the heavily fragranced lotions do. This lotion is very thick and creamy. It penetrates your skin very quickly and leaves your skin soft and moisturized (great for the winter months especially) without being greasy.


Pick N Dazzle Team

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