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We know how much you love surprises! So we're extremely pleased to announce yet another surprise too! Not every aspect of your beauty Picks are exposed on our website.

No brands and no specifics! Discover the products in your monthly beauty Picks and in your personal account after ordering! Those little cosmetic gems are our secrets and we won't reveal them.

Below, we just lift the curtain for a bit to give you a sense of what our beauty experts are up to.

The Intricate Art Of Perfumery



The French have a long tradition and skills in the art of making perfumes. Just a short walk through the French capital confirms that the art of perfume is still thriving here, with innovative new niche boutiques and storied houses located behind every glorious Haussmannian corner. This is the reason why we added this chic French brand to our portfolio, with its exquisitely made perfumes which are quintessentially French.

Nothing unlocks the memory better than smell, be it a lost love or a fond friend. Our new brand aims to create those memories through their fragrances. This amazing brand offers a great variety of the finest and most captivating fragrances. 

A brand with a rich heritage acquired through years of experience and know-how in the intricate art of perfumery, our new secret has carved a niche for itself in the perfume industry as an innovator in perfume-making and a pioneer in the marketing of perfume products to a global clientele.

The different perfume lines of this brand are available in our Dazzling and Premium Picks. 



With more than 30 years of experience in perfumery and cosmetics and by using highly advanced quality control equipment, the chief perfumer ensures that the quality of the blends conform to internationally recognized standards. Aromatic, fresh, invigorating - the founders of the company realize that well-crafted fragrances say a lot about you and the way you exude yourself. The brand proudly presents a bouquet of the finest contemporary fragrances and has decades of expertise in crafting some of the most enchanting fragrances. They have perfected the science, art and craft of perfumery. These concentrated perfume oils and eau de perfumes offer a truly memorable experience. And there's much more: 

  • Present in over 20 countries

  • A production site in Normandy with a yearly capacity of 14 Million pieces

  • Perfumer craft, at your disposal to develop products well adapted to your customers’ requirements