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Eve walks through the paradise garden, holding an apple in one hand, her high heels in the other.

She stops a moment to eat some berries that make her lips color deep red.

It’s warm, and the air smells like fruit and blossom.

The temperature creates small pearls of sweat on her skin, and makes her cheeks blush slightly pink.

A big flamingo is walking past her, but she doesn’t seem to notice, as she fell asleep under a tree.


Island Palette Eye Shadows


For spectacular captivating eyes, use the Island Palette Eye shadows. These new eye shadows vary in a wide range of intense colors with a sophisticated sparkling finish. The colors have unique changeant effect in which the color changes depending on the angle of light.

For the finishing touch use the Easy on the Eyes Eye Pencilt forget to try the Easy on the Eyes liquid Eyeliner, which is intense black and waterproof but also comes with an innovative precision tip!

Lastly the Soft as Sin Cream Blush is introduced. This trend product can be easily applied to your cheeks with your fingertips and allows better sculpting and shading. A selection of six beautiful colors that nourish your skin thanks to a vitamin E formula, and is completely free of Parabens.

Eve's Ready to Wear Lipstick


Eve’s Ready to Wear Lipstick is a real must have that applies effortlessly to cracked or dry lips thanks to the specially added wild mango. It repairs, nourishes and hydrates. In addition to being long lasting, this great lipstick is paraben free.

The Paradise Perfect Lip Gloss – transparent, with a sexy golden glow. Wear the gloss separately for a subtle effect or use it as a top coat to enhance your favorite lipstick.

This lip-gloss has a volumizing effect to give your lips an extravagant fuller look, while revitalizing your skin. Paraben free.

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TEEEZ La Isla Chique collection is best described as a welcoming ray of sunlight bundled into innovative and sexy  products. The products have differentiating prints, high quality formulas and  beautiful array of colors, packaged in playful high-end boxes.  


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