About the brand


Having stepped out for the first time in 2004, TEEEZ trendy cosmetics is a high-end, concept-driven cosmetics brand that embraces the beauty of cultural diversity, self-expression and individuality.

TEEEZ weaves together the worlds of fashion and beauty, creating seasonal collections that are on-trend and offering positive, free-spirited women with a passion for life top-of-the-line products in exclusive and eye-catching packaging.

TEEEZ, Credo of the team:

“We at TEEEZ LOVE beautiful products.
We REDEFINE limits, cross borders, stay away from anything traditional.
We BELIEVE in individuality, self-expression and creating your own style.
We are INSPIRED by fashion, nature and culture.
We are PASSIONATE about bringing you authentic, free spirited and surprising products.
We DESIGN as if it were custom made; deliciously chaotic and uniquely detailed.”

why we are loving it

Since we’re in the cosmetics business for years, we’ve been watching TEEEZ closely and with great interest for a long time. We are fascinated by the company’s team of young designers who work out of TEEEZ’s headquarters in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

We love the brand’s innovative collections that echo the brand’s creative Dutch roots. From its first debut, TEEEZ has grown into a desirable, non-conformist brand that is available in more than 20 countries across Europe, Latin America and North America. So we couldn’t resist the temptation to include TEEEZ as one of our favorite Pick N Dazzle brands.


Pick N Dazzle Team

Your benefits of the brand


TEEEZ offers a wide range of quality beauty products for women who want to “Stand out from the crowd”. It has all you need for your lips, eyes, face and nails and is far from traditional.

Stepping away from the norm to take a more innovative approach, TEEEZ launches a new range every three months. Successfully combining the brand’s signature with the latest fashion trends, each dynamic collection tells a seductive, chic yet playful story in its own right.

The seasonal trends, together with inspiration drawn from the catwalks, street and Mother Nature, are translated into the products’ colours, designs and packaging - a concept that is unique in the beauty business, and ensures TEEEZ always caters to the changing style needs of the consumer.

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