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The meaning of Royalty

Every person can be Royal, it's about the attitude that you have towards yourself and towards others. When you treat yourself and everyone around with respect you are royalty in our eyes. We are all different and unique, each one of us has different dreams, different ways to find happiness and different aspirations, qualities and flaws and being able to accept yourself the way you are and others without judgement is true beauty.

Our products

Inspired by the ancient traditions of royals around the world,  our brand from the Netherlands created luxurious yet affordable cosmetics that are based on your personality. The perfect mix between signature aromas, colors and our key ingredients will harmonize with your personality. We hope to enrich your day making you feel empowered and happy, which will make your skin glow.

Our aromas

Aromas have the incredible power to impact our mood, some aromas help alleviate a stressful day or make us more energetic. When you feel good, you look good. Many studies say that when a person feels good and is happy with themselves, their blood flow increases, bringing more nutrients and oxygen to their skin cells improving the skin conditions and making them look physically younger.



Philosophy: Life is all about feeling good! Because when you feel good, you look good.

At the core of the brand, is the philosophy that flawless skin is only obtained when you feel good; feeling good in your own skin, feeling good in your surroundings and especially feeling good with yourself. But nowadays, in this fast and hectic world, filled with stress and overwhelming situations, it is hard to find the time to take care of yourself and your happiness.

Therefore we created cosmetics that give you the mood you need at any particular moment. We combined herbal medicine, aromas, colors and ancient tradition, and took inspiration from the impressive powers of natural ingredients to make a different kind of natural skincare.

A skincare that takes care of your skin and of your soul.

Every person needs a different mood depending on the surroundings or on the situation. For example, when you are stressed you need something calming or when you feel exhausted you need something that will give you energy, and if you are happy with yourself your body will provide more oxygen to your skin, making it glow. We connected each mood to a unique and royal woman in history. Because we believe that if you embrace yourself and find your happiness, you are Royal.

why we are loving it

Pick N Dazzle's beauty researchers aim to discover, test and offer high quality brands with a story and specific functional claims. ROYAL VAN SON is innovative, natural and highly sophisticated skin care brand from the Netherlands, which cares both for its customers and for the environment. None of their products or ingredients were tested on animals. The team of cosmetic scientists developed the best formulas to ensure natural products that do not contain any harmful ingredients for your well-being.


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