About the brand


Pearls & Bubbles Cosmetics is a new cosmetics brand, which combines nature, new technologies and innovations in order to produce 

an effective and quality cosmetics.

Cold pressed vegetable oils and waxes, highly effective essential oils and ingredients from plants, which have proven

their precious beauty action throug the centuries, are found in the products of the brand to give you a complete and exclusive skin care.

We carefully select well-proven natural resources and combine them with also well-proven cosmetic ingredients to get effective and working cosmetics.

Eye contour stick with green coffee, rosehip and Q10


An easy to apply and practical stick that can be anywhere with you to take care of the delicate area around the eyes!

What ingredients are in the eye stick?

  • Rosehip, macadamia, mango, shea butter and rice bran oil to deeply nourish, moisturize the skin and work against the aging process;
  • Beeswax, to protect and soften the skin; green coffee extract - extremely rich in caffeine, which will drain the skin from water retention and will reduce puffiness and  eliminate fatigue;

Q10 - proven against wrinkles and with a gentle aroma of jasmine and undertone of aromatic coffee.

why we are loving it

We, at Pick N Dazzle, love innovative brands!! Brands inspired by latest trends, technologies and developed to suit the needs of the contemporary woman. We are super excited to tell the story of the brand to our customers and to let them try it. 



Pick N Dazzle Team