About the brand


After years of experience, two brothers - an Industrial Engineer and a Doctor - decided to create their own brand with their own approach of  

what cosmetic products should be

Tired of ordinary designs, cumbersome labels, uncomfortable packaging and boring products, especially as related to organic cosmetics, they created the exceptional brand called NAOBAY.  

They do cosmetics that care for people and the environment, whilst communicating the information in a clear way, with simple design, stylish packaging and effective products. 


Natural And Organic Beauty And You.




Thе products have more that 99% natural origin and most ingredients are from organic farming. Anti-aging, antioxidant, soothing properties, maintain moisture in the skin, softness and freshness. 

Orange Water ORGANIC - for softness and freshness. Its has a great antioxidant activity and it is very useful to avoid cases of photo aging in our skin.

Raspberry Extract ORGANIC -  high antioxidant properties, inhibiting our skin from oxidative processes, protecting the cells from possible damages.

Rice Oil ORGANIC -  Promotes microcirculation of the blood, so removes the bags and dark circles that appear because of the lack of activity of our eyelids while we sleep. High concentration of collagen to combat the appearance of wrinkles.

why we are loving it

Pick N Dazzle's beauty researchers aim to discover, test and offer high quality brands with a story and specific functional claims. NAOBAY represents all our values. This innovative, organic and highly sophisticated skin care brand, which cares both for its customers and for the environment, is the perfect addition for our portfolio.


Pick N Dazzle Team

Your benefits of the brand


NAOBAY is on continuous research and development of new products, while meeting the standards of certified organic products.

The company always labels the percentages of natural and organic ingredients in their products, because the founders believe that all cosmetics manufacturers should be clear at the time of appointing a “natural” or “organic” product. Furthermore, NAOBAY do not use any ingredient that is suspected of having some form of long-term risk to human health.

NAOBAY’s containers are recyclable and/or come from recycled material already. This is the case of the wood they use, that although certified by FSC, is also being recycled from the waste of the timber industry in the area.

All ingredients in the products are biodegradable and, of course, they never test the products on animals, nor work with laboratories that have facilities for animal experimentation. They neither use ingredients from animal origin as well as ingredients, which are genetically modified or grown with pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge or ionizing radiation.


Natural And Organic Beauty