About the brand


MDS hair care offers accessible luxury and high performance products with noticeable effects, you can see, touch and feel.

MDS hair care includes hair styling products as well, making it perfect for complete and high quality hair care: cleansing, caring and styling.

These products have the same professional and salon care status and are hairdresser-approved.

A wide range of hold levels and textures for all desired and imaginable hair styles.

The inviting design breathes diversity and inspires the creativity of the user.

The invigorating high quality fragrances lift the experience, starting with fresh green notes, a floral heart and an elegant musky base note.

why we are loving it

Beautiful, clean and styled hair is the highlight of our face and appearance. From early morning to late night we care to appear at our best. MDS Hair styling products will help you get the look you have been dreaming of. Go ahead and glossy up! 


Pick N Dazzle Team

Flexible Hold


definition HAIR GLAZE

Alcohol-free formula with a complex of fruit extracts, Glycerine and vitamin E for high-gloss shine and softness without weighing down the hair. Polymer anti static technology with a memory effect defines all hair types, creating softness and shine and eliminating static electricity. Moisturisers maintain the balanced hydration of the stem of the hair eliminating frizz. Conditioning agents soften and add shine, while the film forming improves hair combability and eliminates the effect of static electricity. Film-forming polymer allows and boosts the formation and duration of curls, waves or any styling with a flexible hold.

YOUR BENEFITS • hydrating gel for high-gloss shine and softness without weighing down the hair • alcohol-free formula that gives definition to the hair • improves elasticity and gives body to all hair types • enriched with nourishing vitamin E and fruit extracts, makes the hair easier to comb, eliminates frizz and static flyaway • a versatile gel to use - as light modelling gel - before blow drying for smooth or curly hair - as a boost for your hair • resulting in defined, shiny and vital hair


This texturising styling cream helps to shape and construct any hairstyle. For the creation of thick, chunky pieces with definition and separation. Resulting in healthy looking, strong hair with remarkable body, impressive fullness and vibrant shine. The lightweight formula with natural waxes is suitable for daily use on all hair types and textures.

YOUR BENEFITS • lightweight cream with carnauba and bees wax • thickening ideal for shaping and constructing any hairstyle • offers vibrant shine • also suitable to create chunky curls and waves • ultra strong hold and outstanding curl retention even in high humid conditions

Extreme Hold



This lightweight hair paste is versatile, soft and suitable for creating limitless styles. Gives extreme, but pliable hold while providing texture and thickness. Resulting in a non-greasy creation which can be restyled during the day. Suitable for everyday use.

YOUR BENEFITS • lightweight and non-greasy soft paste with carnauba wax • thickening to help create limitless styles • gives a flexible and restylable hold


This hair glue combines 5 film-forming polymers. This ultra strong gel creates easy radical and dramatical hairstyles. The quick-dry formula gives a rock-hard and invisible hold. Although it creates extreme fixation it is easily washed out. Suitable for everyday use.


• ultra strong gel-cream with carnauba and bees wax • extreme fixation with an invisible hold • perfect for radical hairstyles • the gel-cream is a quick-dry formula and easily washed-out