About the brand


Ladylya Biologica line is characterized by a formulation with up to 95% of natural ingredients and natural and organic origin ingredients. Ladylya ensures the use of high-quality organic raw materials, while respecting the regulations in force for the cosmetic sector.

The packaging of all the products is elegant and carefully designed to enhance the features of the whole line. Suitable for any kind of skin, the pigments of the organic formulation have a low content of heavy metals, with very low quantities of nickel and chromium.

why we are loving it

What can we say? We are impressed! Our eco-expectations have been surpassed. Ladylya’s products contain no chemicals and are made with natural ingredients for 95% while the remaining 5% belong to a special list approved.

We love the fact that the line is recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture Organic cosmetics and is also suitable for those with sensitive skin or allergies. Ladylya’s high-quality products are elegant in their appearance and destined to a sophisticated and dynamic woman who respects both quality and nature.


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What can you expect from Ladylya’s organic polish


The line of nail polish by LadyLya Bionature is born from the need to heal, nourish and revitalize nails, by respecting hands. The line is characterized by an exceptional formulation with bio-sourced natural ingredients from the plants (as wood pulp, cotton, potato, corn, wheat, manioc). It is eco-friendly and also takes care of the nails, which are subject to attacks of detergents and other chemical substances and from winter’s cold.

This range acts against ageing and has UV filters, that protect from damaging solar rays. The nail polish line also provides a non-occlusive film, thanks to the new Oxygen Technology, that allows to the oxygen to penetrate and lets the nails breathe, making them more elastic, which is essential to prevent breakage.

What can you expect from Ladylya’s pencils eyes & lips


The line for eyes & lips Ladylya Organic is enriched with the oil of sweet almonds and vitamins A and B. Made in Italy and organically certified, Ladylya pencils are soft and long lasting Lip, Eye and Concealer Makeup Pencils. Use to line the lips and eyes, conceal, create a lip colour and use as an eye shadow. The vibrant colours in this range will satisfy your every colour cosmetic requirement.

The line contains sweet almond oil that has emollient, softening, nourishing, moisturizing and soothing properties. Moreover, Ladylya’s pencils are rich in protein, carbohydrates and minerals. Suitable for all skin types, they fight skin aging and are used for the treatment of dry, red and dehydrated.

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