About the brand


Greya Cosmetics is a new brand, inspired by the belief that the most beneficial ingredients for skincare combine the latest technology with natural plants with already proven effects for generations of women.

We combine the native to our land mystical Orpheus flower and B-circadin,

an ingredient inspired by a 2017 Nobel Prize-winning study,

to bring it to life a luxurious beauty product that will protect your skin from the blue light and will regenerate it from the inside.



There are two types of Blue light - natural and artificial.

We are sure to surprise you with the fact, that the biggest source of blue light is actually… the sun. Keep calm, because this is a useful light - our body uses this light to set its natural biological clock - the so-called circadian rhythm.

The second type of blue light is the artificial one, which is also found everywhere around us - from monitors, TVs, tablets, phones, smart watches and even movie theaters.

The artificial blue light is not safe at all - if a person is exposed to such radiation before bedtime (and let's be honest, who leaves his phone an hour or two before falling asleep), the natural cycles of cell repair and rejuvenation are broken and the skin remains "lost in time."

The first signs of fatigue appear and the face loses its previous luster.



We created Greya Deep Nourishing Serum 01 with the aforementioned B-circadin, an ingredient which is found only in the highest premium skin care. This "treasure" product regulates the natural rhythm of cell activity and relaxation to leave your skin nourished, restored and radiant with a shiny, youthful appearance.

The formula also contains lavender, which stimulates the delivery of oxygen to the cells and aquaxyl, a highly hydrating agent that supplies water to each of the skin layers, stimulating the natural synthesis of collagen. And of course, the unique Orpheus flower, growing only in an area in the Rhodopes maintain, which has lived for more than 2 million years and is able to survive even with complete loss of water. When it is irrigated, it ‘s literally reborn because of the important molecules that have accumulated throughout its life.

These amazing properties have been used in Greya 01 to leave your skin regenerated and nourished.

When applied, the radiant serum penetrates deep into your skin to completely restore it, leaving it soft to touch. The formula is also enriched with fine shine reflective particles, contributing to the brilliant, radiant effect as well as the delicate aroma of luxury perfume.

why we are loving it

We, at Pick N Dazzle, love innovative brands!! Brands with stories. Brands inspired by latest trends, technologies and developed to suit the needs of the contemporary woman. We find all of these in the philosophy of Gray 1 and are super excited to tell the story of the brand to our customers and to let them try it. 

Greya 01 is enriched with fine shine reflective particles. Thanks to these particles, the face serum gives you the desired illumination and the lovely "kiss from the sun" effect.


Pick N Dazzle Team