About the brand


We all love perfumes and we'd love to try new fragrances all the time ....

The Fragrance Shot is a new, fun and easy way to discover your next favorite perfume at any time.

Created by perfume lovers, for perfume lovers.

It's a one month doze of designer or niche fragrance in a luxurious, easy-to-wear and chic case.

Our Fragrance Shot is your new monthly love. We offer you 8 ml of pure happiness130 sprays of joy, full of magic and new emotions.

The Fragrance Shot is your friendly companion, always with you, just a spray away from your purse.

You will find that this bijoux is your personal little secret always at hand. 

Red or a Black case, it's FREE with a 6 month subscription. In your Box you get the glass refill every month with the desired or recommended fragrance.

What’s more, Fragrance Shot is available in all Pick N Dazzle picks, including Sleek, Dazzling and Premium.


why we are loving it

The Fragrance Shot is a perfect edition to Pick N Dazzle curated beauty subscription service, It's an excellent opportuity for our customers to discover new fragrances every month. It's fun, it's easy and it's convenient!

For customers with subscriptions, visit the Created Box in your personal account and select your desired fragrance! Enjoy!


Pick N Dazzle team

Your benefits


Every Pick N Dazzle Box with a fragrance! Sounds cool, isn't it!

We stricly follow customers' preferrances as selected in their unique Beuty Profiles. Grab this amazing opportunity, revisit your Beauty Profile and just mark fragrances as your preferred product category.

Pick N Dazzle is an independant vendor. The fragrances are original. They have been repacked for Pick N Dazzle.