About the brand


The brand was born and raised in the heart of the Italian Alps, in the town of San Pelle-grino Terme. Bottega di Lungavita, a modern expression of the ‘Made in Italy’ philosophy, creates remedies for everyday wellness by cleverly combining age-old traditions with sci-entific innovation. The Italian lifestyle is a philosophy that places physical and mental health at the centre, providing the company with efficient recipes that have been proven with time.
The preparation techniques for Bottega di Lungavita products meet the highest international production standards and all requirements imposed by the law and by the markets. Strict physical, chemical and microbiological testing and the use of excellent quality raw materials enable the production of highly qualified natural dietary supplements and cos-metic products, while respecting the environment and the surrounding area.

why we are loving it

In today’s chaotic and crowded industrial world, we need a special dermatological ap-proach to our skin and hair for they become more and more reactive, fragile, dry and in-creasingly under attack from smog, dust, pollutants or oxidation. Therefore, we’re fascinated by the fact that Bottega di Lungavita’s researchers do their best to refine a cutting-edge cosmetic treatment that rediscovers time-honoured remedies of phytotherapeutic traditions and combines them with the most recent technological discoveries in the cosmetic world.


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If you’re in love with the Italian Way of Life and you’re seeking for the perfect solution for your well-being, look no further! We have found it for you - it’s called Bottega di Lungavita.


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