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Beyoncé Heat is a captivating fragrance that unleashes a spirited fire within. It is a unique expression of a woman's powerful sensuality: sexy, elegant yet feminine with an air of mystery, this fragrance reflects a self-assured woman, who is not afraid to desire and to be desired.

Beyonce Knowles is famous for being a singer, songwriter actress, fashion designer and has a range of fragrances. Since 2010 she is bringing her class and style to a fragrance. Heat by Beyonce is a feminine, floral fragrance with notes of magnolia, neroli, red vanilla orchard, peach, musk and amber.

The bottle's curvaceously rounded base narrows to a sleek, squared neck and the red gradient effect gives the impression of a fire burning within. For the optimum touch of luxury, the top of the bottle is edged with a gold band, inscribed with the words 'Beyonce' and 'Heat' and topped with an opulent cap.

Fiery and sexy, just like Beyonce herself, HEAT is perfect for any woman getting ready for a night out, leaving her looking stunning and smelling divine.

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Top notes: red vanilla orchid, neroli orpur, magnolia delavayi and blush peach.

Heart notes: honeysuckle nectar, almond macaroon and creme de musk.

Base notes: giant sequoia milkwood, Tonka bean and amber.

why we are loving it

My absolute favourite celebrity perfume. It's got a deep, warm and sweet scent that whilst noticeable doesn't overpower or smell cloying. For me, it is perfect for day-to-day use, because the longevity is quite good and it is not one of those fragrances that you save for special moments or are afraid that won't suit the place or event. Love it! 


Pick N Dazzle Team

What a nice surprise this perfume is! I find it so sexy and classy, but also youthful and reachable. Totally agree with Dorota - it is sweet indeed, opening up very fruity and then settling into a nice ambery, musky scent. I'm perfectly happy wearing this in the winter. However, I'm looking forward to trying it in the warmer weather, because it’s got a nice summer vibe. HEAT will be definitely the scent to dance through summer nights this year!


Pick N Dazzle Team