About the brand


Barielle offers products that make your nails, hands and feet healthy, vibrant and beautiful - for more than 30 years! This innovative nail and skin care company has unique products and approaches to treating, protecting and maintaining nails.

In the past few years Barielle has evolved into one of the leading prestige nail care, hand care and foot care brands sold in the world, known for company's cracked feet treatments and the best moisturizers for dry skin.

Barielle's lacquers are stylish, playful, sexy, sensitive - whatever your mood, with over 150 colors to choose. All Barielle Shades nail lacquers are pregnancy safe and toxin free. The company uses only natural ingredients, vitamins, botanical oils and proteins in all its lines.

why we are loving it

We were amazed by the fact that Barielle got its beginning by creating products to condition the hooves of million-dollar thoroughbred racehorses. So we thought if owners of those elite animals trusted the product, we can too. Actually, Barielle is one of my favourite brands. Its lacquers are rich in colour and really seductive with gorgeous, creamy and high-fashion shades.


Pick N Dazzle Team

I have been using Barielle’s Professional Nail Strengthener Cream for about 3 weeks now (yes, one of the benefits of my job is testing the products) and the improvement to my damaged nails is amazing. I recommend it for others who need to restore their nails from the damage of acrylic or gel nails and for those who simply have weak nails. Trust me, you will be sporting longer healthy nails in no time!


Pick N Dazzle Team

I used to go every week to get a french manicure at my local nail salon. Since I started using the Natural French Manicure Kit of Barielle I have saved so much money on manicures. The best past is that I can now create a sophisticated and natural looking French Manicure and nobody can't tell the difference between the manicures I do at home with this kit and a professional manicure! What's even better is that I can do touch ups at home without having to go to the salon. Great value!


Pick N Dazzle Team

Barielle In Its Own Words

Your Benefits Of The Brand


Barielle’s nail care products will take your nails to the next level by: 

  • softening your dry cuticles and enhancing them with extra moisturizers to restore natural oils for healthy nails

  • bonding weak layers, sealing free edges and helping protect against splitting, peeling and cracking

  • stimulating new nail growth and keeping the nail strong and hydrated. A perfect solution for developing and growing natural nails after removing acrylics. Significant results can be seen in as little as two weeks.

  • giving a maximum strength nail hardening treatment to reinforce, protect and strengthen soft, fragile nails

  • lively and long-lasting lacquers with more than 150 shades to choose from