About the brand


COCKTAILS by CB&CO is a brand new range, launched in the summer of 2018.

Cougar Beauty is designing and formulating products for those who enjoy high quality products and are not prepared to compromise.

Mojito - Get the party started with this fresh and zingy cocktail for your body, inspired by the classic Mojito cocktail.

Raspberry Daiquiri - Cleanse your skin with a sweet and juicy fragrance. This amazingly refreshing cocktail has the perfect balance of sweet and tangy flavours.

Blue Lagoon - Dive into your senses with this Blue Lagoon cocktail infused body wash.


why we are loving it

The Pick N Dazzle team is constantly searching for new brands and products. When the CB&CO Cocktails range was launched in the summer of 2018, we were among the first to grab it. Endulge your sences under the shower or in the heat of the day with the pleasent scents of the Cocktails.


Pick N Dazzle Team

Your Benefits of the brand



CB&CO Cocktails range is offered to Pick N Dazzle customers in 3 variations of scents, 


Raspberry Daiquiri and 

Blue Lagoon.


Customers will find in each of the collections a Body Wash, Body Cream and Shimmering Body Tonic.


Body Wash - the fresh body wash will leave your skin feeling revitalised.

Body Cream - the perfect skin care gift for your body and the skin.

Shimmering Body Tonic - the fresh shimmering body tonic will leave your skin feeling revitalised.

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