About the brand


Barberians Copenhagen is an exclusive Danish assortment of high quality, “authentic” grooming products for the modern gentlemen. We put an effort in producing the best possible products, and we are actually very proud of the results.

Barberians Copenhagen offers a full range of shaving gear: beard grooming, oils and other personal care products for the modern gentleman.

"We take pride in using as many Danish raw materials in our products as possible, and if we can get them organic, we will of course use that."

We were the first in Denmark with a full original shaving range, where history and tradition meets.

Barberians is ”Back to basics”. It is the tendency, with the masculine and wild in focus, and the beard is the symbol. But a beard must be groomed. You could say it is the Copenhagen Barbarian meeting modern gentleman.


The perfect shave



A pre-shave oil provides a smooth surface, prepares the skin for the shave and prevents irritated skin and scratches.
Shave immediately after a hot shower, or wash your face with hot water. Add a few drops of oil into your palms, rub it gently onto the stubs and make sure to cover the area to be shaved.

Leave for a few minutes and do not wash off before applying shaving cream.

Apply shaving cream

Use our shaving brush and shaving cream. You can apply shaving cream without the shaving brush, but the brush produces a better foam and a richer cream, which provides the perfect shave for sensitive skin.
Use a little water to let the shaving cream foam up, then apply the shaving cream with the shaving brush in circular movements to allow to foam to absorb.


Start shaving the area with the least beard, often the edges of your face. Continue on the neck and finish with area around chin and mouth. Use slow movements and use your free hand to stretch your skin.

Rinse with lukewarm water and then with cold water. Pat your face dry with a clean towel.

The experienced and patient person can also use our shaving knife. Ensure that the knife is sharp, be very careful and take your time to find the right angles. Otherwise same procedure.


Finish off with applying face cream and aftershave to the shaved area or your whole face.

Enjoy the cooling and healing effect.

Avoid products containing alcohol, as your skin is sensitive and will easily dry out or become irritated.



Problem solving for young skin - Basic instinct

SØN of Barberians is a Danish skin care product line developed especially for young skin. Our MISSION is to democratise the world of male skin care by offering the best for young male skin. Our mantra is to create problem-solving products, so all our products are developed with that in mind. Such as cleansing of pores or combatting oily skin. So, all our products contain active ingredients with a specific purpose in the quest for healthy skin.

Our products are organic. We produce them to live up to the strictest organic standards. To that end, we are working towards ECOCERT certification for all our products.

All our products are vegan, so there are no animal-based ingredients included in our products. In addition, we do not test our products on animals, making our products “cruelty free”.

We are Danes and we produce in Denmark because we believe that is the most natural thing to do. This helps reduce our carbon footprint. We also use as many Danish ingredients as possible.

Our products contain a high degree of natural ingredients – up to 98%.

why we are loving it

We, at Pick N Dazzle, are very proud to give our customers the opportunity to try such exclusive products from niche company, based on honesty, passion and the desire to create good clean grooming products for men! Products created with respect for people and for the environment!


Pick N Dazzle Team