About the brand


Admiral is the original British sports brand with over 100 years of sporting heritage.

The brand’s roots are in football and is rightly credited with kicking off the popular replica kit market in the early 1970’s.

The first ADMIRAL GROOMING products range takes its inspiration from the Admiral Gold Menswear collection.

Admiral Gold gets it’s influences from the brands origins and it’s British heritage, combining classic styling with modern elements.

This high-end grooming range is born of Admirals rich history and a love for the highest quality British-grown ingredients.

2017 brings us to the launch of the first male grooming and toiletries range from Admiral.

All of our products are manufactured using a unique blend of ingredients such as cucumber, pomegranate and black quinoa extract!

why we are loving it

Yes, we love the design, we love the products, we love the influence, we love everything about this Admiral Brand! If you take a look at them, it is sure – you want them all! An unique combination of sport history and a modern look!


Pick N Dazzle Team




The Conditioning Deluxe Beard Balm will soothe and condition the skin to promote a healthier and happier beard.


The Balm deeply conditions facial hair, softening tough and brittle hairs overall making the beard and/or moustache more manageable.

This product contains a blend of botanical oils and waxes such as Coconut, Soybean, Sweet Almond, Lemon Tea Tree and Seabuckthorn oils, and Beeswax.

These are all full of beneficial properties each designed to contribute to the wellbeing and health of skin.




Admiral Beard Oil is packed with olive extract to help deeply nourish your skin.

The Admiral Nourishing Beard Oil can be used as a beard or pre-shave oil.

Beard oil penetrates the skin and moisturises the hair, helping to soften tough beard hairs.

Why did we choose to include Olive Extract in this product? Olive has been known to be an incredibly useful ingredient for skincare for many years. 

Olive extract packs in extra nourishing benefits so you can really feel the softness in your skin.

It’s also loaded with anti-ageing oxidants, which is renowned for keeping skin youthful and healthy.