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The brand’s history starts in 1921 when Jean Mary (grandfather of the current CEO) made his first beehive in an 16th century water mill called Beau Rivage. Since then, Abellie has been dedicated to the world of bees, benefitting from its treasures and creating high quality organic products. Nowadays, you can find. Abellie in numerous shops located in Paris, other parts of Europe, China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and also online.
The brand is well-known for the detailed research on organic cosmetology in French  laboratories, specialised in organic cosmetology. It stands as a synonym of innovative, efficient and eco-friendly care for every skin and hair type. Abellie is an outstanding mix of natural and glamorous, offering its clients a unique beauty elixir with Honey and Royal Jelly.

why we are loving it

We’re selecting our brands carefully and with a lot of thought. However, we fell head over heels in love with Abellie the first time we’ve tried its products. The softness of the Honey and the revitalising effects of the Royal Jelly were among the many reasons why we decided to include Abellie in our product picks.


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The brand has a thorough experience in the field of cosmetics; its products include biodegradable and eco-friendly ingredients. We loved the fact that Abellie has been dedicated to paraben free products since 2004, long before the side effects of parabens hit the newsstands.


Pick N Dazzle Team

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Your benefits of the brand


Honey has been used in the beauty routines of many women for centuries. As a natural treasure, honey doesn’t contain chemicals or preservatives.

In fact, honey is made of two types of simple sugar, drawn from flower’s nectar by bees: fructose & glucose. It also contains potassium and flavonoids, praised for their antioxidant effects.

Honey has many benefits to our skin:
 • Regenerates skin tissues
 • Provides a feeling of softness and soothes the skin
 • Its moistening texture hydrates superior layers of the skin

 • The high concentration of sugar provides an antibacterial effect
 • Its high levels of natural fructose facilitates water molecules fixation
 • Provides a feeling of softness and soothes sensitive skin
 • Its antioxidant effect is the most powerful anti-aging support to add to your regimen


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