7 Expert Self-Tanning Hacks You Need to Know

Posted on 8.7.2015 г. 11:36:11

Now that summer is here, we can’t risk visible mistakes while we rock our short shorts and tanks. So we asked the world’s leading self-tanning expert, James Read, to hook us up with some hacks to make the process swift and easy, with a glowing, mess-free result.

3 Ways To Make Lip Liner Work For You

Posted on 14.6.2015 г. 14:37:57

While lining your lips runs the danger of creating an outdated, overdrawn, unblended pout, it’s time to stop shying away from lip liner for fear it may leave you looking like a Real Housewife. Here are the real 3 ways to make lip liner work for you.

6 Reasons Your Foundation Seems Like It Sucks

Posted on 14.6.2015 г. 14:20:31

Using the wrong product can leave you shiny and oily or dry and patchy, or worse — it can cause you to break out. To find out why your current foundation isn’t leaving you with an air-brushed, glowy complexion, read on.