Unretouched images of Beyoncé leaked
A website called "The Beyoncé World" leaked 224 allegedly un-retouched images of Beyoncé Wednesday, sending fans into a meltdown of apocalyptic proportions.
Versailles Passion pour Elle in Lucky Box in March 2018
Versailles Passion pour Elle has bottled up those historic formulas to capture the essence of passion and grandeur that marked the fervid romances of Louis XIV
Want To Look Like Beyonce? Here’s Some Tips From Her Makeup Artist
His name is Sir John and he have transformed the faces of Beyonce, Naomi Campbell and Joan Smalls. His secrets? "All you need is confidence and a good moisturiser.”, says the makeup guru on how anyone can channel their inner Beyonce.
Watch 13-Year-Old Kardashian Predict Her Own Fame
It seems Kim Kardashian is equal parts mastermind, savvy PR maven, and fortune teller: Exactly 20 years ago, Kim Kardashian predicted her own fame.
We’ve got news, everyone! Sally Hansen have nailed it!
Tired of chipped nail polish? Drum roll, please, because Sally Hansen have created a Miracle Gel.
We’ve got the Beauty Box. Just add the champagne!
Got that party coming up and you want to dress to impress? Sure looking good at a fun party is nice, but what if you want to be more than good looking? What if you want to be hot? If so, read on...
Wedding Day Make Up
A few tips on turning yourself into a fairy bride on your big day!
We've got a present for you!
Ready to immerse ourselves in the beauty spirit, we prepared little chic presents you will receive in the first, third and sixth month.
‘If it was socially acceptable, I’d drape myself in velvet.’, said George Costanza once. Little did he know a few years later head-to-toe-velvet would not only be acceptable, but also coveted.
This Graphic Manicure is as Chic as Nail Art Gets
What do you get when French tips and a moon manicure join together and have a particularly beautiful baby? It would probably look something like this mod nail art design by Jin Soon Choi, manicurist and founder of the JINSoon nail lacquer line and Jin Soon Spas in NYC.