Versailles Passion pour Elle in Lucky Box in March 2018

The world celebrates Louise XIV for his numerous military conquests, however within the walls of the Palace.

Bback in his days, he was also celebrated for his many romantic conquests!

Outside the doors of his chambers he ruled France, but behind them, he ruled the hearts of his many mistresses, who's youth and flamboyant beauty inspired him to live in style and opulence.

His mistresses had great influence on his fashion and the fashion of the palace: he famously wore ribbons that matched those of one of his more famous lovers – Marie-Angelique.

Another one of his lovers became to be known as the 'Duchess of Fontanges' when she appeared before him with her hair loosely tied in a ribbon.

He was enthralled with her look and the following day every lady in Court wore her hair the same.

His ladies were spoiled, both by his lavish sentiments and by the exuberant luxury that he'd bestow onto them.

He was so inspired by the youth and vigour of his mistresses that he would even ask his perfume maker to create fragrances especially for them!

Versailles Passion pour Elle has bottled up those historic formulas to capture the essence of passion and grandeur 

that marked the fervid romances of Louis XIV and the feminine magic of his enticing lovers.

This whirlwind mixture of passion announces itself with the juicy fresh aroma of peach! The vivacity of  Versailles Passion's top notes awaken your spirit and desire for play, exploration and pleasure, and inject you with the energy of the life-force!

An experience that sharpens the senses before delivering you into its sensual heart! In there you find yourself immersed deep into the irresistible scent of rose, one you just can't get enough of! Your senses become insatiate, you're spellbound! This enchantment sits upon the calm of cashmere and musk that deepen its beautiful experience.

Versailles Passion's simple, sophisticated formulation celebrates femininity, romance and passion. It's elegant notes whisper stories of the unforgeable romance preserved inside the chambers of Château de Versailles and bring us a taste of their spirit.

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