Unleash The Goddess Within

Smooth, gentle, delicate, a touch capable of pulling anyone out of the dullness of everyday existence and into a land of heavenly serenity! Transporting, intoxicating, life-giving... such is the magic hidden underneath a woman's skin.

Our femininity radiates from every inch of it and the divine touch of velvety smoothness is the source of that magic. This is exactly why as women we often find ourselves enduring the often painful, unpleasant or very expensive  (if you decide to have it done professionally) method of hair removal.

I don't know about you, but I secretly give myself some time off of it in the winter, and if you too do that, I'd like to start this super hot month of the summer with a reminder that Pick N Dazzle is here to help ease you back into this femininity enhancing ritual with the help of Deepline!

In some ancient civilizations, removal of body hair was a sign of nobility and stature among women. In ancient Rome, only the wealthy ladies removed their body hair; and in ancient Egypt women used tweezers made of shells, and beeswax and sugar-based wax to remove theirs; some of them even removed the hair on their heads!

Of course we're not gonna advice you to that but you get the drift! Smooth legs were always sexy even way back in history! So if you don't want to have to pass on a spontaneous beach trip or a sunbathing session at your friends' pool house, or something even more exciting and spontaneous, read on!

There's a number of methods you can resort to when it comes to waxing: there's good old shaving, which can be done by a simple razor. However, shaving isn't particularly good for you skin, and it gives the least 'lasting' results, with stubble growing back out as early as within 24 hours.

Not to mention many experts believe it to encourage the consequent growth of even thicker, darker and more resilient hairs, hence that coarse feel when you slide your hand down your legs. Let's leave this outdated method in the past.

It might be the most common method adopted by men for the removal of their facial hair but they don't have our sensitive delicate skin.

There's a couple of more sophisticated methods that are better suited for us heavenly creatures, and our selected hair-removing brand Deepline cater for both of them!

A method that has gained in popularity over the last decade is depilation by cream! The great advantage of depilation creams is that they are easy and quick to use, don't cause the pain that waxing does, or the inevitable cuts that shaving causes, and leave the skin smooth and pristine.

Unlike shaving, they don't slice the hair at a sharp angle, instead they gently remove the part that sticks above the skin.What is more, the ingredients in them make the hairs grow back slower than they do after shaving and thus leave your skin flawless for longer.

Deepline's Depilation Cream For Body And Face is perfect even for your most sensitive areas. It has a non-intrusive scent of white moss, and that is already enough said compared to the odour that some other depilation creams give off. 

Make your skin moist by using some warm water, apply the cream and then wait 8 to 10 minutes before removing it with the spatula provided and washing the remnants away with warm water.

Deepline Hair Removal Cream For Women is what you can use on the rest of your body. It contains soft, gentle-to-the-skin ingredients and does not change its the natural pH, and is suitable for women with sensitive skin. Its formula is designed to avoid irritating the skin or causing redness.

These are a sure, safe ways of getting smooth, beautiful, hairless skin in no time and with little hassle at that!

Now, for those of you who are after more lasting results, Deepline offer a range of waxing strips as well as some waxing kits equipped with wax fillers that you can use in the comfort of your home.

Why not start by trying their Waxing Strips for Facial Area. They are especially formulated to remove even the tiniest hairs from their roots, without causing unnecessary irritation to the gentle skin on your face.

They are very flexible, reusable and take little time, whilst giving you weeks of hair-free skin! It's the little self-care rituals in life that bring out our self-confidence and make us feel empowered by our femininity.

Take an hour of your busy schedule to transform yourself into the the Goddess that you are and let her reign this summer!

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