Are yoghurt bacteria the new miracle ingredient?

Are yoghurt bacteria the new miracle ingredient?

Many natural ingredients can supercharge our skincare.

You may have already tried Kueshi’s face scrub with gotu kola mushroom, or Cougar Beauty’s cannabis oil series. Some Cocosolis products include goji berry, a traditional medicinal plant from East Asia. And the brand Abellie is based around valuable products from bees – not just honey, but also royal jelly, the food of the queen bee.

But how about simple, plain yoghurt?

Known for millennia for its health benefits, yoghurt has still not had its moment of fame as a skin superfood.

That is surprising, as it is incredibly good for the skin. Yoghurt is not only nourishing with its mix of water and fat, but also full of healthy bacteria.

Why are those bacteria healthy?

Our digestive system has a microbiome – millions of bacteria that are active in food processing and absorption. Yogurt, a probiotic food, can rejuvenate the microbiome if it is damaged for any reason.

But those good bacteria are not only found in your gut.

The skin has its own microbiome, which helps keep it balanced and protects us from other, harmful microorganisms that can cause infection.

Edible probiotics like kombucha have been popular with healthy food influencers for a few years. Yet probiotic skin care is still a new, rising trend.

Skincare with yoghurt cultures is already here.

It’s exciting news that skincare with yoghurt bacteria L. Bulgaricus is now a reality. BeMe’s face wash and moisturiser contain a high concentration of these friendly microorganisms.

If your skin is imbalanced, introducing more L. Bulgaricus to it can restore a healthy microbiome. You may see lots of benefits like reduced inflammation, irritation, and acne.

For some people, overly aggressive cleaning can exacerbate breakouts: wash and peel too much, and you may be compromising the skin’s protective barrier, thus inviting in even more harmful bacteria.

Instead, gentler cleansing and moisturising with a probiotic agent can keep the skin clear, balanced, and protected.

Once the good skin bacteria are restored, you don’t have to try so hard to fight the bad ones – the superpowers of yoghurt cultures will do it for you!

Why waste so much time to squeeze out pimples when you can introduce an army of good bacteria to kick those guys out?

For a clean complexion, we can trust effective, natural ingredients.

The source of the new miracle cleansing ingredient, L. Bulgaricus, may already be found in your fridge.

This makes us wonder – what other effective, natural remedies are out there whose potential has not yet been tapped by the beauty industry?

We’re excited to try Skinmiso’s new rice cleaner and see what in can do shrink our pores and brighten our complexions. How come nobody told us so far that rice extract can be good for your skin?

After BeMe’s yoghurt bacteria innovation, this Korean beauty find is the next big thing in skin cleaning.

With inflammation reduced by beneficial bacteria and our pores shrunk to almost nothing by Skinmiso’s unique treatments, our skin this month may be clearer than ever.

And so we step into February, the month of love – loving our clean, calm, healthy skin.

Want to see the benefits for yourself? You can check out BeMe’s probiotic line as well as our new pore-shrinking brand, freshly imported from Korea: Skinmiso. You can request both with your next Pick N Dazzle box.



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